Business of the Month

Congratulations to the Luna Umbra Winery , who has been named the Business of the Month for July, 2022!

All about the Luna Umbra Winery:
Luna Umbra Winery is a small Rustic Urban Missouri Winery producing the finest Missouri wines from grapes grown across the state. Founders have been developing our wines since 2012 but just opened our tasting room in 2020.

Luna Umbra is Latin for Moon Shadow. Moon Shadow was chosen as our Winery name because we were enjoying a nice bottle of Traminette under a bright moon while selecting a Winery name. Picking grapes under the the cool moist fall moon keeps them fresh for pressing. The heat of the sun degrades the grapes creating a less robust flavor and aroma.

If you have any question, please contact us at the information below!!! Thanks!  

Address: 1 W Dakota St.; Butler, MO 64730
Phone: 660 – 679 – 0103

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