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Recap: BBQ & Hucksters

What a great weekend for a fall festival! This year’s BBQ & Huckster’s Day kicked off last Friday night with our 10th annual BBQ competition, and a street dance with the Breakaway Band. They always deliver a great time! Saturday’s events included a Baby Contest and a Kids’ Pedal Tractor Pull, entertainment by the Nostalgia Band, a petting zoo thanks to the Butler FFA, and so much more. Our board members and many volunteers put in some long hard hours to make the weekend a success, as did our vendors and 27 BBQ teams!

How Cute RU Baby Contest Winners:

(See photo above; pictured left to right)
19-24 months – Collins Ward; Parents: Matty & Brandy Ward
13-18 months – Raina Tucker; Parent: Lindsay Clayton
7-12 months – Virgil Paul; Parent: Shelby Smalley
0-6 months – Nora Preston, Parents: Isaac & Stephanie Preston
Janelle Armentrout – Chamber President

Pedal Tractor Pull Winners

(Check out our Facebook page for photos)
Class I:  Aaron Miller; Parents: Jody & Steven Miller
Class II:  Dallas Shaffer; Parents Justin & Amber Shaffer
Class III:  Kaden Guffey; Parents Lance & Julie Guffey
Class IV:  Shelby Guffey; Parents Lance & Julie Guffey

BBQ Winners

Congratulations to the following teams who placed, and thanks to each of the participating 27 teams for being part of this 10th anniversary contest. We would also like to thank our judges and our Platinum sponsors: Bates County Veterinary Clinic and CTC Transportation.
Overall Ranking: 1st High i Que; 2nd Fergolicious BBQ; 3rd 913 BBQ; 4th R Butts R Smokin; 5th Big Holla BBQ; 6th Porky McBeef & the Cluckers; 7th Stuck Pigs BBQ; 8th Gettin’ Sauced; 9th; 10th Smokin’ R’s 2.0
Brisket: 1st Fergolicious BBQ; 2nd R Butts R Smokin; 3rd High i Que; 4th Smokin’ R’s 2.0; 5th Truck Pigs BBQ; 6th Lil Fiddlers; 7th Gettin’ Sauced; 8th Smokeville; 9th 913 BBQ; 10th Meat Rushmore BBQ
Pork: 1st High i Que; 2nd Fergolicious BBQ; 3rd Porky McBeef & the Cluckers; 4th 913 BBQ; 5th; 6th Double Bull BBQ; 7th Big Holla BBQ; 8th Stuck Pigs BBQ; 9th Smokin’ R’s 2.0; 10th R Butts R Smokin’
Chicken: 1st Show-Me Your Rack; 2nd High i Que; 3rd D-Don’s Pit Crew; 4th Big Holla BBQ; 5th 913 BBQ; 6th Stuck Pigs BBQ; 7th Fergolicious BBQ; 8th Parts R’ Smokin’; 9th Porky McBeef & the Cluckers; 10th Lil Fiddlers
Anything Goes: 1st Two Guys & A Smoker; 2nd D-Don’s Pit Crew; 3rd Porky McBeef & the Clucker; 4th Pig Newton; 5th
Sauce: 1st D-Don’s Pit Crew; 2nd-Phat Guys BBQ; 3rd Wild Hogs BBQ
Wings: 1st D-Don’s Pit Crew; 2nd Big Holla BBQ; 3rd
Sausage: 1st Meat Rushmore BBQ; 2nd; 3rd D-Don’s Pit Crew
Peoples Choice: 1st Big D’s Smoking’ Pit; 2nd Phat Guys BBQ; 3rd Two Guys & a Smoker; 4th Wild Hogs BBQ; 5th Stuck Pigs

Setting up Friday

The Breakaway Band

The Nostalgia Band

Kids Pedal Tractor Pull

petting zoo

Petting zoo by the Butler FFA -Photos, News Xpress

petting zoo

petting zoo

petting zoo

petting zoo

petting zoo

Thanks from the Butler Chamber of Commerce!

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